Why Love Should Be the Center of Your Brand

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We all have passions, things we love, that drive us to try new things, achieve new goals, and make the most of each day. Sometimes, though, finding that one thing that is at the center of who we are as people–our personal brand–isn’t easy. The process of discovering your brand starts with the power and […]

The Wheel of Growth: Business Optimization

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The keys to unlocking business growth are finding the right tactic at the right time, and optimizing for scale. It is never too late to begin the optimization process. Optimization is cyclical—it’s a series of trials and errors, starts and stops, wins and losses. It’s finding the right formula for your business based on measured […]

The Wheel of Growth: Retention

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You may have your customers’ money locked away, but do you have their hearts? This section will challenge you to view retention as a combination you need to crack to achieve your ultimate success. There are two key components to this code: retention rate and customer loyalty. Retention rate is the ratio of the number […]

The Wheel of Growth: Conversion

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“Keep your Eye on the Prize!” When it comes to conversions, having a singular focus on your goals is key. What are you hoping to achieve? Are you looking to generate brand awareness, get more quality leads, or increase sales? Understanding what you are trying to accomplish and always having those goals in your crosshairs […]

Wheel of Growth: Presence

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How many times have you heard this question? “…so what do you do?” Isn’t it time your answer is memorable and stands out from the crowd? Your answer is what makes you unique, it’s what defines your brand, and what motivates you to get out of bed every day to do what you love. 

The Wheel of Growth: Time Management

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Survey says?… “Time is Money,” “Up or Out,” “No I in Team,” “One Step at a Time,” or “It’s Worth the Climb” No matter the quip you relate to best, communicating your business’s vision and goals is mission critical in creating a culture that breeds success. Cold Stone Creamery grew from a single store in […]

The Wheel of Growth: Traffic

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Navigating through traffic is tricky. We follow the signs, stop at the lights, and hope to get where we’re going as quickly as possible. Figuring out the right formula comes from practice, repetition, and knowing precisely which routes to take and when. The secret to success in driving traffic to your place of business or […]