The Wheel of Growth: Business Optimization


The keys to unlocking business growth are finding the right tactic at the right time, and optimizing for scale.

It is never too late to begin the optimization process. Optimization is cyclical—it’s a series of trials and errors, starts and stops, wins and losses. It’s finding the right formula for your business based on measured results. The Customer University Wheel of Growth is meant to promote this idea–that you can choose any growth category or tactic and perfect its lessons through trial and error. And once you’ve found the formula that produces your desired outcome, it’s time to invest in the automation of these newly minted best practices.

Here you will learn the financial acumen needed to turn predictable revenue into a structured business plan that paves the way for new shareholder or capital investments. The ability to effectively scale your business comes from knowing what you’re good at doing and where you’re lacking. Your ability to make learning a habit is key to finding the formula that works for you and your business.

The first classes for Optimization in the Wheel of Growth will be:

  1. Seeing the Big Picture, Business & Financial Acumen
  2. A Startup’s Guide to Hiring a Virtual Assistant
  3. How to DRAFT a Business Plan

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