The Wheel of Growth: Conversion


“Keep your Eye on the Prize!” When it comes to conversions, having a singular focus on your goals is key.

What are you hoping to achieve? Are you looking to generate brand awareness, get more quality leads, or increase sales? Understanding what you are trying to accomplish and always having those goals in your crosshairs is critical to your success in achieving them. You must measure everything—figure out what’s working and what isn’t, and apply those lessons to improve your results. I live by three words to remind me of this focus… Learn. Apply. Repeat! Approach learning in sprints so that you can quickly apply the lessons learned. Create metrics to succeed – or fail – fast. Apply learned tips and tricks to figure out what works, then repeat and refine the process. Depending on whether your goals were short term, strategic, or stretch, this process can take weeks or even years. Be patient, it’s a journey worth taking.

Let’s remember to also examine the flip side of the same coin. If heads is using what you know based on measurement to generate conversions, then tails is the using what you feel, and what you can inspire others to feel. How is this done? It’s the stories! Great storytelling inspires emotion. It has heroes, underdogs, conflicts, mentors, love interests and sometimes happy endings. Each element of a story delivers moments that engage and inspire the reader, viewer, or listeners’ opinions and emotions. In seeking conversions from our marketing and selling efforts, the mediums of your stories can vary from videos, tweets, sales calls, advertising, and events. But the reward is the same – causing an emotion to take action. Come learn about both the art and science of conversions, where your prize is the knowledge gained from setting goals that connect to the emotions of great storytelling across any channel.
The first classes for Conversion in the Wheel of Growth will be:

  1. Body Language for Entrepreneurs
  2. Google Analytics for Beginners
  3. Selling with Online Video
  4. Driving Strong Growth in your Business by Reinventing the Sale

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