The Wheel of Growth: Time Management


Survey says?… “Time is Money,” “Up or Out,” “No I in Team,” “One Step at a Time,” or “It’s Worth the Climb”

No matter the quip you relate to best, communicating your business’s vision and goals is mission critical in creating a culture that breeds success. Cold Stone Creamery grew from a single store in Tempe, Arizona to over 1,400 stores in over a dozen countries worldwide. How was that accomplished in less than 10 years? It was through an alignment of purpose for over 25,000 employees and a dedication of time that spanned over 5,256,000 minutes. We lived by a “Pyramid of Success” that architected and defined our purpose, like a blueprint for a building. We executed through a “Customer Pyramid” that aligned each minute to our roles, our goals, and the customers segments we served.

“Managing your time without setting priorities is like shooting randomly and calling whatever you hit the target.” – Peter Turla

The relationship between goal setting and personal productivity is critical and has long been seen as the stairway to greatness for both the individual and the organization. Here you will learn the importance of taking the time to “work on the business” versus “working in the business.” Courses will range from simple time management techniques to the creation of a vision statement with measurable success metrics. Best practices will be shared that align your mission, daily purpose, and core values through a quarterly validation of annual goals and multi-year plans.

The first classes that will focus on Time Management from the Wheel of Growth are:

  1. Productivity Secrets: The Ultimate Time Management System
  2. Effective Time Management for Professionals
  3. Personal Goal Setting for Peak Performance

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