Why Love Should Be the Center of Your Brand


We all have passions, things we love, that drive us to try new things, achieve new goals, and make the most of each day. Sometimes, though, finding that one thing that is at the center of who we are as people–our personal brand–isn’t easy. The process of discovering your brand starts with the power and feeling of a single word… Love.

What is Love?

lovedefinitionTake a moment and reflect on the things you love and consider why you love them. What is it about that person, place, taste, smell, sight, sound, or moment that evokes such a strong feeling? It’s this emotion that your customers will gravitate towards. If you don’t understand what it is you love, what’s at the center of why you do what you do and why you do it, your customers won’t either.

What is the Center?

centerA brand is sparked from within a person who has a passion, love, and inspiration to start a business. Your center is that spark at the core of who you are as a person, and emanates from what you love. Often, despite best intentions, that spark fades and business owners forget their inspiration, resulting in frustrations and suboptimal business results. It’s time to rediscover your center, what you love, and the inspiration for why you started your business in the first place. Use that emotion to tell your story to your customers and power the marketing, selling, and storytelling efforts that are essential to grow your business.

Customer University was created to provide lessons and best practices to assist you in your pursuit of growing your business.  With the belief that you must make learning a habit, this month’s focus is on the center that drives everything else. Take a moment to visit the courses assembled on branding, and then take the time to apply this insight to everything you do.

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